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Practical writing advice

Writing Advice

A host of guides, advice, practical tips and coaching to support you through every stage of writing your book.

In-Depth Case Studies

Learn from other people's experience: see the process other people went through to create their expert books. You can also read a wide range of shorter case studies here.

Your book's 4 Pillars

This is what your book rests on: your expertise, your purpose, your readers, and your passion.

Starting your book

Guidance on how to start your book - which doesn't start with writing the first paragraph! - including tips on how to lay the ground in advance and how to use your blog as a basis for your book

Returning to your book

A six-step free coaching programme to kickstart your book off the backburner

Writing style

Practical tips on writing with your natural voice - including how to write great coaching questions and brilliant headings, how to avoid the three most common pitfalls of style, how to keep your readers in mind, and how to be a great storyteller. PLUS the inimitable and ever-helpful How To Write Something You Can't Write!

Writing structure

Practical guidance on structure, from identifying your book's organising structure to what to do when your model isn't working to how to redraft for a better structure. PLUS a fail-proof guide on how to write great coaching sections and how to write an introduction.

The publishing process

How to get your book published plus some insight and explanations of what happens when the manuscript is "finished".

Self-publishing vs traditional

Clear guidelines on whether self-publishing or traditional publishing is the best choice for your book, your company, and your career.

Your motivation

How to keep your motivation alive over the long haul, with practical advice resting on a solid evidence base.

Creative practice

The magical mind stuff behind your writing process, which keeps the fun and your passion for it alive.